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About Randy Jackson

It’s no secret Randy Jackson is a jack-of-all-trades. He not only had an exciting career as a well-respected record producer, musician, singer, and A&R executive, but he’s also mentored many young talents through the years as a judge on the hit TV show American Idol. Today, he’s back in the spotlight on the game show Name That Tune.

Today, Randy is also inspiring people across the world to rejuvenate their health. During his time on American Idol, Randy weighed as much as 358 pounds. He also had Type 2 diabetes.

Randy, the founder of Unify Health Labs puts it this way: “That was my wake-up call.”

Randy Jackson set out to revitalize his health from the inside out. After years of trying fad diets, Randy discovered he was floating in a sea of information — and misinformation. Where was the truth about how to makeover your health regimen and restore your body to optimum health?

That’s when Randy Jackson opted to undergo gastric bypass surgery. But after the procedure, Randy returned to his old habits. And the weight quickly started to come back.

That’s when he decided to change his lifestyle habits from the ground up. After diving deep into the research and taking advice from certified nutritionists, physicians, and fitness experts, he came up with a plan to take back control of his health. Today, Randy Jackson has managed to keep off the more than 100 pounds he lost 18 years ago.

About Unify Health Labs

At Unify Health, our mission is simple: Help you live the healthiest, happiest life possible. This is the goal behind all our products, and the force that drives every single Unify Health team member each and every day.

As founder of Unify Health Labs, Randy Jackson works with his team to develop wellness-supporting products and inspire others with the truth of his own personal journey to better health. Randy’s goal is to help as many people as possible experience a revolutionary new journey to optimum health. That’s why he founded Unify Health Labs and backs the company’s efforts 100%.

Unify Health Labs products are developed from comprehensive scientific research. And the Unify Health Labs team dedicates itself to helping you transform your health each and every day.